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“I wasn’t expecting this.”

Your elderly loved ones have given you so much and now it is your turn to give back. You want to help, to be counted on and to always be there but you didn’t expect to be held back with demands of career, family obligations, travel time, and a schedule that seems to have a mind of its own.
You want more for your loved ones. Whether or not they live in a care facility or still at home, you want them to reclaim that sense of independence, be engaged in meaningful activities, and make their world more accessible, more satisfying… but how?

Customized Visits

Here to help your busy family find balance, we schedule visits with your loved one on a weekly or even daily basis.
Whether we stay indoors or go on a special outing, our customized companionship services offer a mentally, physically and emotionally stimulating environment, reigniting our clients’ curiosity, and making the world around them more accessible.
We connect your loved one to engaging experiences and give her a chance to play – just like she used to. Click here for more…

Strengthen Your Support Network

While we spend time with your loved one, there are incredible benefits for the whole family. We act as a reliable resource that strengthens your family support network and provides an insightful outside perspective. When your family support network is strong, it means it is not all on you.

While your loved one is enjoying her time with her Friend, you’ll gain greater peace of mind, have broader insights, find more balance and have the chance to make your quality time with her even better. Click here for more…

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